Craftsmanship of IFDRESS

STEP.1 Dress Drawings

The starting point for a beautiful dress is a perfect drawing, just like building a house. the perfect design drawing takes designers at least a week time to adjust continuously.

dress design

STEP.2 Choose the right Fabrics & Embellishments

We have plenty of fabrics and embellishments in our stockpile, which are chic and of high quality. Those important details decide the quality of dresses. Many factories produce dresses with cheap materials. That’s why you see some dresses are at incredibly low prices from online shops, We do not sell cheap quality dresses on

dress design dress design dress design dress design dress design dress design

STEP.3 Plate-Making

As we all know, a perfect dress should look attractive in a shop window. It also should be comfortable on you, and show out your body to perfection. Therefore, an experienced tailor occupies a very important role in tailoring.

dress design dress design dress design

STEP.4 Pre-forming Billet

Our dress fabrics are expensive, therefore IFDRESS tailors always start with the greige cloth to present the best effect. To achieve this, our tailors have to adjust the dresses a dozen times.

dress design dress design dress design

STEP.5 Clipping

Clipping is another important step in making a dress. Different fabrics have different tailoring techniques. It is time-demanding work. IFDRESS tailors adhere to presenting their best works to customers.

dress design

STEP.6 Start Tailoring

After making sure all the foregoing details are perfect, we will start Plain Dress tailoring. We call those dresses which have no embellishments Plain Dress. IFDRESS shows Obsessive-Compulsive in the whole tailoring process.

dress design dress design dress design

STEP.7 The First Quality Control

After finishing Plain Dress tailoring, We proceed with two times quality inspections to make sure there are no defects in the fabrics, model, and process details.

dress design

STEP.8 Embellishments Sewing

Embellishments designers make dress embellishments by hand according to the dress design. It requires patience and meticulosity, especially for some small but complicated designed Embellishments.

dress design dress design dress design dress design dress design dress design

STEP.9 Final Quality Control

When the final tailoring step finishes, the functionaries of each step will have a quality inspection of their own work stage. IFDRESS is committed to only providing qualified products to customers..

dress design

Shop with IFDRESS, we are dedicated to making your big day more perfect!

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